Give motion to your memories 


Time has become a lot more important since I became a parent. Like most, I have always been fascinated by the concept of time. Cinematography and photography are the art forms that record time, and time is their main element, like sound is to music and color to painting. One would often find me listening to cinematic scores. Beyond purely fascinating, I find them magical, moving and intriguing. Musicians compose based on images or a movie and, when listening, I find myself creating my own movie in my mind set to that same sound. Cinematic music takes me places; it is a form of traveling for me. Because it is created to complements a script, it has the power to tell stories. It “gives” motion to my travel memories and for that alone, I absolutely love it! I always get excited to choose the music for a slideshow of travel pictures because it tell half the story. Music changes everything. It creates a special feeling when you’re flipping through images on your computer, iPhone or in your mind.

One of the most compelling soundtracks is the Arrival of the Birds from The Crimson Wing: Mystery of the Flamingos. That music takes you places. It’s a different experience for everyone, but it inevitably and simultaneously stimulates the brain, the soul and the spirit. Give it a try – sit back, relax, click on here, close your eyes and listen. Enjoy your travels.

Care to share where it took you? Here is a sneak peak of my journey:

Flying into Cancun, Mexico. 

*Last but not least, for a real treat, check out the ONGOING tour dates of the legendary Hans Zimmerman here . Go experience the real magic of cinematic music LIVE!


Happy #MusicMonday everyone!


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