Dream of Venice

How do you go back to the memories and emotions you experienced while traveling and exploring a new place? How do you recreate the anticipation, amazement and excitement your adventure brought? Most people go back to their pictures. Some read the notes or diaries they wrote along the way. For me, music is the ultimate means of going back in time. There are certain songs that can bring back emotions – the euphoria felt once you realize that your longing dream to go somewhere is now a reality. Or that rush of adrenaline I feel every time I’m at the airport and about to start my next unforgettable journey! (I always feel a range of emotions when I’m at airports, which I’m planning to cover in a separate post. There is something very special and intimate both at arrivals and departures.)

I was about 15 years old when I first came across this song. It took me years, back in the early 00s, to find the version that I liked the most and that made me dream of the day I would visit Italia. Once I started going through the pictures we captured this past summer, I already knew that the perfect soundtrack to our dreamy, colorful and emotional journey through Venice: Zizi Possi’s Per Amore.

Listen on iTunes or Spotify

Zizi is in fact a Brazilian singer! Is that a coincidence, given my passion and love for Brazil?I don’t think so!☺ Brazil has an astounding number of immigrants from Italy, including members of Zizi’s family. As a tribute to them and their extensive musical culture, the wonderful Brazilian singer has put together some very sensitive renditions of melodic, Neapolitan songs in a very “Brazilian” execution, which showcase that sense of “saudade”, so typical of Brazilian music.

Cogli l’attimo! (“Seize the moment”, in Italian) Music helps me capture the precious moments during our unforgettable travels. Hearing that certain song can take me straight back to a specific time and place. So my advice to you is: Keep traveling, collect songs and expand your playlists! Do you have a song that transports you to somewhere else? Let me know in the comments below.

If interested, check my travel video below! Get inspired and feel the love and magic of Venice!


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