The End of Summertime

There probably aren’t many other songs that have been recorded more than “Summertime”. Musicians from the entire spectrum of music genres have covered it. (More than 25,000 times according to Wikipedia,!) Yes, there are a number of iconic renditions, among which are Billie Holiday’s version (released 1936), Ella Fitzgerald accompanied by Louis Armstrong in 1957, and Miles Davis instrumental (1959)

So, given the number of times it has been sung, the different styles, and the different times, it is hard to believe that someone will find a new way to showcase the tune. Still, today I present to you the track that blew my mind over the weekend.

A stunningly sweet singer with a uniquely expressive voice and a timeless sound: Kat Edmonson

The tune: Summertime

You be the judge! Enough said.

Of course, I haven’t listened to all 25,000 versions of the tune. However, once I listened to this version, I fell in love right away. It brought out the the chills and excitement of hearing and old tune with an unexpected and ravishing, spin.

Listen on iTunes or Spotify


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